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August 11, 2005



Well that IS an optimistic article. Its great to start seeing coverage of these kinds of issues in mainstream magazines like Newsweek and the National Geographic (see there After Oil cover article in the July issue).

While I fully believe we CAN reach all these goals, the question is whether we have the political willpower to do so. We have made very little improvements in average fuel efficiency despite increases in hybrid sales (they are simply offsetting SUV sales). In order to start moving in ernest towards a something incredible like 92 mpg (I'd settle for 40 mpg!) we need real fuel efficiency standards. I was very dissapointed that provisions for higher fuel efficiency standards were dropped from the recently signed Energy Bill. It seems that out politicians dont quite have the stomach to implement higher standards. Maybe its time to start a massive letter-writing campaign or something like that. Higher standards could still be implemented as part of a seperate bill. Or maybe the state level is a more appropriate forum in which to push for standards.

Its always good to know that things like this are POSSIBLE. Now its time to make them A REALITY!

Ben Kenney

I would think that to get 92mpg would require plug-in hybrids, which would probably mean coal power plants operating around the clock. Nuclear is probably not an option because there just isn't enough uranium to go around (without a reprocessing). So we could be making petroleum obsolete but we'd be ramping up coal. What's the least worst?


Yes this means plug in hybrids. Yes I think more coal plants, hopefully clean coal plants. DOE has a report on combining coal power plants with coal liquefaction which is more optimum than either alone, which I wll be writing on soon.


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