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August 16, 2005


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I'm a student , I've got assessment to research about solar chimney power station. Can you please send me infomation about the following topics concerning to the solar power station. viability, availabity ,sustainability of the technology,financial implication,impact on the rnviroment,scope for application in the south africa context and list of sources.

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I have not heart about Stirling engine before. Also this is the time I know this engine can combine with solar energy. It is good if their efficiency is over 30% as most of other solutions can achieve this. Thanks

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I agree with E-P. Energy Innovation's Sunflower solar collectors are very promising. IF (and there's the catch) they can provide aproximately $2.00/watt prices and these suckers can go on people's roofs this could be a very disruptive technology and preferable to the industrial-scale solar farm model being built by SES.


applications to LEDs are also very promising. Sounds like this development of nanotechnology will have a bright future (pun intended) in energy applications.


less than $50,000 each, ($2.00 per watt) which would make the cost of electricity competitive with conventional fuel technologies.

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LEDs are also very promising. Sounds like this development of nanotechnology

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