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August 25, 2005


Ben Kenney

Here's a document (.pdf) from Humboldt State University that shows some real test results of SW degradation for various brands.

Document: http://www.thewatt.com/pics/aSiKenya_FinalReport_July2_05.pdf

For 12W a-Si systems:
ICP-Solar has a 29% degradation (they start off at 17.2 Watts!)
Free Energy Europe gets a 21% degradation
Solar Cells gets a 20% degradation

Shenzhen Topray from China doesn't even get 12W after SW degradation (although the box says that it's a 12W system), and actually, even before SW degradation they don't get 12W.


Single junction amorphous silicon solar cells suffer from SW degradation to a much greater degree than some newer multiple junction cells. If you inspect my list of manufacturers, you can find those that make multiple junction cells. Ovonics and Sanyo in particular are having very good sucess in marketing their cells, which may be some indication of their quality. Sanyo warrents their cells for 90% of their nominal capacity.

Jim for The Energy Blog

charles gamon

why does a SiL:H have an intrinsic layer

john oneil

just purshased kaneka 60 60w thinfilm solar panel would to know more about the thinfilm compared to other types. thank you john oneil

Solar Panel Enthusiast

I am considering purchasing an amorphous silicon unit - I had no idea they were this cheap per kw until now.

XingHui Guo

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positive material identification

Yes this Amorphous silicon has a major advantage of making solar-cell arrays using his transfer-printing process,is the ability to control the spacing between the microcells.


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build own solar panel

In single-crystal silicon, the molecular structure—which is the arrangement of atoms in the material—is uniform, because the entire structure is grown from the same crystal. This uniformity is ideal for transferring electrons efficiently through the material. To make an effective PV cell, however, silicon has to be "doped" with other elements to make it n-type and p-type.
build own solar panel

Build Wind Turbine

I am just wondering whether amorphous solar cells are still the recommended choice or whether technology has advanced further since this post was written?
Build Wind Turbine

Business Gas & Electric

Solar energy, radiant light and heat from the sun, has been harnessed by humans since ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologies. Solar radiation, along with secondary solar-powered resources such as wind and wave power.

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I think its good for them to purchase them, they can saved a lot of energy somehow.
Definition of solar photovoltaic devices in this section, the term "solar energy devices" means a device that converts light directly into electricity via solid-state, the process of semiconductor manufacturing.

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