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June 22, 2005


Emmanuel M

I say it's a hoax.

The energy density of Earth's magnetic field can be visualized with a compass needle. Yes, there is a force that pushes this needle, a force that could be used to run an electrical motor, but it is so weak it would not be enough to fly a butterfly.

I have a hard time visualizing a magnetic field energy extractor. I mean, the field is stationary, which means that the coil must move. It also must be very large to generate a significant amount of electricity. And moving a large coil takes a lot of energy. So how would it work?

I read Mark Goldes' manifesto (link below) and it says bogus all over. A few quotes:

"Hans Coler, a German inventor supported by Hitler’s Navy, according to a long since declassified British Intelligence Report that has been posted on the web, succeeded in building a working 6 kilowatt, solid-state, magnetic "space energy receiver”. This remarkable generator was destroyed by an Allied bomb in 1945. At the time, there was no comprehension as to the source of the energy. "

So the "knowledge" has been around for half a century but no one has since been able to reproduce it. Yeah, right.

"Coler wrote: “These fundamental researches…have made the first real and large breach in the citadel of present scientific belief.”"


By the way, if this is such a hot idea, why would Mark Goldes bother to post in a blog instead of filing for a patent application?


Robert Merkel

The only box in the conspiracy theory checklist this doesn't tick is the involvement of Nikola Tesla. It's either a deliberate hoax or a nutter.

By the way, interesting blog, on a topic that I've become rather interested in over the past few months.

Mark Goldes

Emmanuel might be interested to learn that we did not post a blog. These extracts were lifted from an article I posted on ZPEnergy's website. The Coler device has been studied at our lab in the UK. The engineer who did that work believes he now understands how it worked, and why even Coler had no luck reproducing it. We are indeed filing patent applications. Our subsidiary, Room Temperature Superconductors Inc., has a website: www.ultraconductors.com Three U.S. Patents, as well as a number of foreign Patents, have been granted on these remarkable materials. A large application will break into at least 5 more. Four government contracts have been completed on these polymer materials, which conduct at least 100,000 times better than gold, silver, or copper.

Mark Goldes

Incidently, Zero Point Energy (ZPE), is the source of electricity in our systems, not the earth's magnetic field. ZPE, according to Nobel physicist Richard Feynman, is everywhere so abundant that the volume contained in a coffee mug, if all released at once, could evaporate the oceans of the earth. See the patents granted to Fabrizio Pinto, a former JPL physicist, for one proposed means of extracting this energy for practical use.

Alexander Morrison

The Zero Point stuff already is patented. See the US Patent Office Website and look for Tom Bearden at al patent.

Mark Goldes

Scientists say rising greenhouses gases will make climate change unstoppable in a decade

The opening sentence that follows in an article in The Times of London states: “The world has just 10 years to reverse surging greenhouse gas emissions or risk runaway climate change that could make many parts of the planet uninhabitable.”

The article goes on to say: “…results could include the forced migration of hundreds of millions of people from equatorial regions, and the loss of vast tracts of land under rising seas as the ice caps melt.”

There are very few steps that can be taken rapidly enough to realistically sharply reduce the need for fossil fuels in 10 years.

While all can help, none of the conventional renewable power systems, solar, wind, fuel-cells, etc., can possible meet this challenge.

Nuclear power plants take 10 years to begin operation. Clearly, the idea they can contribute to a solution is an illusion.

Only radically new energy conversion systems can do the job. In our opinion, by far the most promising technology is rapid development of Magnetic Power Modules™.

Constructed using solid-state electronic components, they are expected to produce electricity indefinitely, without any need for fuel or recharge. This is accomplished by utilizing an abundant, renewable, little known source of energy that is found everywhere in the universe.

Until now, this energy has never been utilized in practical products, although it was probably first tapped by Wesley Gary, a Pennsylvania inventor, in 1874. An article in Harper’s, describing his patented mechanical magnetic devices, was published in 1879. The article can be found on the internet.

A generator without moving parts, apparently converting the same source of energy, was invented in Germany by Hans Coler, about 1926. Eleven years later, he demonstrated a more powerful, 6,000 Watt, unit. Consequently, he was supported by the German navy. His laboratory was bombed by the Allies toward the end of World War II. In 1946, British Intelligence published a classified Report suggesting his achievement was genuine. In 1979, a portion of that Report was declassified. Thirty four pages can be found on the web.

This remarkable source of energy is sometimes called the Quantum Vacuum. It is also known as Zero Point Energy, or ZPE. Physicist Richard Feynman, a winner of the Nobel Prize, and John Wheeler, a protégé of Einstein’s, calculated there is sufficient ZPE in the volume of a coffee cup to evaporate Earth’s oceans. Physicist Harold Puthoff once said, that if we employed ZPE to power the entire planet, it would be like dipping a thimble into the sea.

The March 1st, 2004 issue of Aviation Week and Space Technology featured an article headlining the fact that Zero Point Energy is no longer science fiction. The Department of Defense admitted it is supporting ZPE research and development at a major aerospace company. BAE, in the U.K., stated they seek to power Mach 4 fighter aircraft, among several other objectives.

MPI’s current development work opens a door to a multitude of practical products. They will operate with no need for fuel, or any plug connection to the grid. Portable appliances, for example laptops, will dispense with batteries.

Modules can be connected together in order to produce larger amounts of power, in a manner analogous to solar cells. Preliminary data suggests a 1 kW (1,000) watt package may be about 5” x 5” x 16” in size. These one kilowatt packages can be linked to create generators for homes. Distributed Generation of utility grade power can also rapidly be implemented.

Electric cars, such as the recently announced GM VOLT, can dispense with the need for batteries, engines of any kind, fuel cells, or the need to plug-in.
All new cars can be redesigned to run on this revolutionary source of energy.

During WWII, the automobile industry shifted to building aircraft on a round the clock basis more rapidly then most would have imagined. Averting a catastrophe due to Global Warming calls for a similar all out effort.

Magnetic Power Modules can be produced in most of the world’s electronics factories, once the technology is prototyped at the pre-manufacturing stage.

All that continues to hold that back is sufficient financial support.


Your 2007 goal seems to be the same as your 2005 goal was. And you said it would be achieved in 2006.

Is the new prediction for that goal to be acomplished 2008? will it roll over to 2009 in 2008?

Perpetual motion only comes from the sun in human temporal perspective. Converted to useful energy from wind, solar, and water power.

You appear to be operating on the "Costanza" theory of truth, "It's not a lie, if you yourself believe it." (Seinfeld) Hehehey.

Mark Goldes

MPI has had a major breakthrough in the laboratory with a new, solid-state, design that is much simpler than our previous technology.

Since the dot.com crash high-technology firms in the USA that do not yet have revenue have had a very difficult time attracting capital.

That is understandably even more of a problem when the technology is not yet accepted by the scientific community.

Our progress has been much slower than might have been the case were funding adequate.

We also discovered that the patent pending device on our website: magneticpowerinc.com
which had an output of more than 100 times input in the first prototype test, is much more difficult and expensive to manufacture, at least initially, than we had hoped.

The new invention, if adequate capital allows us to accelerate development, will have pre-manufacturing prototypes available this year.

Three very large domestic manufacturers are evaluating our technology and may become Strategic Partners.

Actual marketing of these 1 kW Magnetic Power Modules(tm) is likely to begin in 2008, due to factors such as the availability of parts that are not presently in mass production.

Cost is now expected to be lower than that of photovoltaic panels from the get go. It will likely rapidly fall below that of any other form of power production.

Mark Goldes
Chairman & CEO
Magnetic Power Inc.


This sounds most impressive. If one were to sign the non-disclosure statement, could we get a tour of your facility? I also enjoyed the article by Lee Felsenstein. Keep up the work; I look forward to seeing the outcome.

kit p

It is always good when a con artist is having trouble stealing money.

kiril chukanov

Dear All,

May 30, 2007, I made first test on my powerful quantum free energy generator
ANLOTRON-1. It works, it produced much more over-unity than I expected. Due
to very big free energy released during the test, part of equipment was
destroyed. ANLOTRON-1 needs repair and creation of system of protection.
ANLOTRON-1 is the first in the world working free energy generator! QFE has
no alternatives in the field of Free Energy! Please, do not confuse Quantum
Free Energy from artificially created ball lightning with ZPE, radiant
energy, vortex, free energy magnetic devices, and other free energy
falsities. QFE is due to the Violation of Law of Energy Conservation in some
particular quantum conditions. QFE generators can produce hundreds,
thousands, and more, times, over-unity. QFE effects highly depend on the
technological conditions you create. QFE can be release in form of: high
energy photons, heat, and electrical current. Due to my current situation,
I'm very limited in providing any specific information about my QFE work.
This letter is just for information; it is not intend to convince you in
reality of my QFE discovery.
I'll continue my work. Probably will be some problems with the Big Oil, Big
Energy Giant companies, and official science. I'm ready for this fight.
Without any exaggeration or luck of modesty from my side, I can say: May, 30,
2007, our civilization entered the Era of Fuel less Energy Economy!
Best regards to all.
Kiril Chukanov

Ed Garcia

Thanks so much for finally coming up with a solution to the the energy crisis. There are many plans and buildable devices available on the internet and much time can be wasted on stuff that really has'nt been perfected!

Sign me up as one of your distributers or if you need an area rep, I can do that too!
Best regards, and success to you,
Ed Garcia


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One thing that crossed my mind on ZPE is if this is real (I really don't know), then how does the equation balance out? If a machine could derive energy (which turns out to be heat) from ZPE devices, then does that mean there is less energy from the ZPE source that was already in circulation before ZPE extraction?

Or to say in other words, AC units pull heat from outside and pump it in. I'm not asking if energy is being created as I know that's no possible, but my query is to ask if ZPE energy was "locked up" from cycling around with the rest of the energy we can obtain.

Of course, I guess, all energy can eventually just bounce off into space so maybe this question really doesn't matter.

Nikolai Tokludjanov

The both sides of the equation are always equal. Energy does not mean only heat.
You are simply converting one type of energy to other. And as the evidence shows the most of our universe consists of energy in the vacuum on a quantum level, a.k.a. Zero-Point-Energy or Dark Energy according to the cosmologists.
So that's in teory what the devices must do. Convert that energy into whatever types of energy we need.

Clap clap to PhD Chukanov, and a bow. Hope no problems rised with the development of the technical prototype.

Greetings from Bulgaria.


Come on, are these crap scams still go around and around. Do you really believe that a technology that would change life as we know it forgive. Would bring the poor out of poverty. Has such a tight lid on it but all you have to do to unlock it is pay $xx.xx, and it's yours. Come on!!!

It's really mind boggling to imagine the energy consumed by hosting and serving up this rubbish. Stop wasting the earths precious resources. Get off the Internet. Oxygen wasters!!!


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