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June 07, 2005


Tim H.

"First, a stream of processed biomass consisting of water and sugars is fed over a nickel-tin catalyst to strip off some of its hydrogen atoms."

If they're starting from a water-sugar feedstock this sends up a red flag for me.

sun asia

hello i love the move to bio diesel
i have a small plate that makes pork rines
basic you cook pork skin till it's lard becones liquid and then it cooks the skin like a deep frying chip in china it is a real delight
the owner of the company is throwing away 400 gal. / week of fat
is there a system of setting up a bio diesel plant/work shop to reuse this waste and if so i would sponsor a studend
some type of sponsor award to the university
he or she could fly to canada to help set up the work shop or small plant and over the summer we could work out all of the system workings
thank you
bruno 6044517865


develop methods to produce the heavier C8-C15 alkanes that constitute diesel fuel.

so do finish develop this method?


develop methods to produce the heavier C8-C15 alkanes that constitute diesel fuel.

so do u finish develop this method?


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s Biodiesel and biomass are same

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