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June 30, 2005



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Bruce Emerick

Someday, historians will say "what were they thinking, spending billions on a space station and a moon base while the solution to their energy and polution problems took a back seat?".
The ITER project deserves the priority of an Apollo program; not the back-burner position it now occupies.

Knut Holt

Those giant approaches where one is using huge lasers and huge magnets will not work in real life.

A more viable approach will be to send shock-waves towards the center of an appropriate gas so that a tiny volume is compressed and heated so much that fusion occurs. Thus has actually been done using sound waves in simple experiments, but so far the fusion has only resulted in some light emission. But th approach can possibly be scaled up to yield economical viable results..

Account Deleted

You forgot to mention India as one of the participating member in ITER


It is time to halt these boondoggles before it sucks up more precious taxpayer dollars which are so desperately needed to help the ever-growing underclass of people living in poverty.

From its inception to today, fusion has been a gigantic blackhole welfare program for the rich corporations and their scientistic employees with the starving taxpayer footing the bill.

No more.

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