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May 22, 2005



I strongly agree with this concept broadly. Sitting back and waiting for any one magic technology to solve our energy problems is foolish.

However, I am confused by the line "funding research to allow "plug in" hybrid cars powered primarily by electricity".

I didn't think there was much research to be done, and certainly not that requires government funding, to get plug in hybrids up and running.

More importantly, I believe that charging hybrids from the grid would cost more than using gasoline. (Although I don't have numbers on this and would like to see them) If the choice is between gasoline and more expensive electric power, what is the gain? I suspect this is in there to throw a chip to the electricity (and perhaps nuclear) industry.

Actually, I don't see anything wrong with integrating power and transport fuel sources and think in the longer term it may be one of the few solutions that emerges as viable (especially if peak oil is real). However, what makes it a top priority here is not as clear.

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