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May 02, 2005


Jon S.

I'm interested in a reference for your numbers on US production (2.5 percent)...

Also, what is your opinion on the controversy regarding ethanols low EROEI?

In other words, if you kick natural gas and petroleum inputs out of the picture, (and subsidies, of course), how many acres of corn or cellulose are needed for production, and how many acres do you net for external use?

This is important if we want to substantially replace liquid fuel with ethanol, or even 10% of our current consumption.

Jim Lund

Hitting EROEI again, I've seen calculations finding that ethanol production gives a net energy loss. So, is this true under current production methods, and if so can the new processes you describe turn it around?


Can I get some reassurance on the net energy loss thing? I think that's my biggest fear where ethanol is concerned.


Regarding using enzymes to break down cellulose for ethanol production: A canadian company, Iogen Corporation, has developped and demonstrated a workable process to do just that. Check it out:


I have contacted Iogen to see if they can give me any further information than they have on their website. I am waiting to see if I get a reply before I make any further comments.


Bob from the Lung Association

Minnesota is leading the way in ethanol fuels, especially E85. The state now has 120 E85 stations, far more than any other state. See how the American Lung Association of Minnesota is helping to promote this cleaner-burning alternative to gasoline:

www. CleanAirChoice.org

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