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April 27, 2005


Ute Farsch

I think now it's not only the price of petrol that's the main worry point, but also the effect of having proper facility management and reducing carbon emissions and energy inefficiency. This in turn has an overall effect on the industry and consumer alike.

Anyway, there's a conference which caught my eye the International Oil, Gas and Energy conference at the Messe Berlin in Feb 2010. I've included the link in case it interests you!


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Ute; not sure why he thinks hydrogen is out of the question. It's ridiculous to make such assumptions at this point. If we really wanted to put it in motion it could be widespread in 10-15 years, but that would take subsidies that does not benefit big farmer or big oil so it will probably not happen.

Jim Williams

The USA needs to pull out all the stops, and drill/exploit all our offshore fields and shale deposits- Global Warming is a BS farce- we're having the coldest winter in 43 years now for 2009-2010. We need to get off this faddish "green" kick and take care of the ENERGY CRISIS already- which means finding more fossil fuels- there is no viable alternative. Who are they trying to kid with that ?

Alternative Energy

Renewable, alternative energy like the one derived from nontraditional sources such as sunlight, wind, or geothermal heat, that can replace traditional fossil-fuel sources, as coal, oil, and natural gas is the kind of energy we should all consider as the only alternative for the future. (http://goo.gl/R8Ir)

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But I wonder if oil is really depleting that much. There have been reports that have said that it would be impossible.

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The Peak Oil Conference is a very informative one. The confer was helpful to create awareness among the people. I suggest the author to visit http://gasandoilnews.com since this site contains plenty of details regarding the oil news, oil spill awareness etc.

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