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April 01, 2005


green libertarian

Just read all 4 of your Energy Revolution posts, great stuff.

I do believe a massive effort, especially in the US, of conservation is necessary. Alternative/renewable sources will help, but we're doomed without reducing demand, which does NOT necessiate a reduction in standard of living, BTW.

I also belive point source production of energy, mostly from solar cells, will need to become commonplace.
Thanks for all your good work.

Greg Woulf

I agree with all you've said, but I'd add a couple obstacles.

I think the largest obstacle in our path is financing, not money. Many technologies are feasible and would provide clean plentiful energy, but will never be built because the pay back is too long or the return isn't as good as investing in the latest consumer gadget.

The other is more insidious and more difficult to overcome, and that's the natural resistance and skepticism that pervades the world. Nobody believes anything, even when it has been proven, they won't even take the time to consider the possibility.

karl  (dissenting)

WHere is this argument to the public that the public isn't responding to filed?

Where are the mock jury trial results if it's so coherent a scheme?

There is a huge hunger begging to know what those who know othink we need to know. But no entity has come forward with such an offer. Not for a dime an hour, not for any charge to the learner.

Instead we just have offers to provide TV worse then CABLE does. Or a chorus of deafening overtures to kill fungi almost no one who hears them has the itch of.

SNL recently mocked what most of us spend our time entertaining; solicitation to cats who bequested billions need counsel.

And cable puts cspan on 24/7 mainly to those who refuse to pay there bills. The president gets broadcast only in standard definition if at all. Film school students are afraid to post any news in hidef on zudeo, and of course zideo requires all submissions to be about only the porn and frivolity already banded too much by them.

Wagging this tale was never fun. Dogging isn't fit for my son. Proof has a definition. Waste here and there, is uncontroversial. But for some reason changing the tank is unreasonable. Converting cars from commuting to cargo delivering composting toilet powered tools instead of chariots of folly could occur in less then an election cycle- in fact that's likely the only way progress can occur. The hand is dealt. When will we play it instead of just taking the dive smoothly?


As Cheech and Chong would say, " Wow man, far out Karl".

Electric Cars GAl

Behind all these obstacles that you have so well explained, is an absence of collective intention. If there really was a wish amongst enough people to create a greener world, then it would happen---we would cut through the other obstacles. But in the absence of widespread demand from the people, there is political inertia and lack of leadership from those who could lead that change.

However,it is January 2009 now and I cannot help but feel a real sense of optimism about the green agenda. I think Obama has, to use his own word, the "audacity" to challenge the old vested interests and the political lobbyists who want to maintain the status quo. I believe he can shake us out of our inertia and inspire an acceptance of the changes we need to make as we transition towards a new era of green energy.

Miami Information

i'm totally agree with you, if we wait more and keep using electric energy, is going to be more difficult make the change to the solar energy....
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