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April 19, 2005



Dear Sir,

We at MAYA INTERNATIONAL, a partnership firm, decided to work for investors’, maintain and reap profits with the help of our personal contacts with qualified and experienced personnel.

We are interested in cultivation of JETROPHA (BIO-FUEL) (THE FUTURE FUEL) and agricultural products like Stevia, Amla, Neem etc.; this comes under Dry lands cultivation, Where there is enough water for agriculture, limited rainfall and black cotton soil best suited for the cultivation of “JETROPHA CURCAS”.

We are expecting Joint venture / Financial Partnership Consideration. We work for this venture without any investment on profit sharing basis.

Here is the rough summary of the project:

Here in India the cost of land and the cost of cultivation process totally ends up to $1700 per acre ($4200/hectare).we are planning to execute this project on a large basis. So we have decided to do this project of cultivation in acres the fund requirement will be approximately $420,000 to buy 100 Hectares of land to develop in to a FARM.

Returns (profits) could be attained from 3years of planting up to 10years from JETROPHA CROPS, then need new plantation again which requires 3years to reap profit.

We oblige you that we will do our best to yield good profit. We will show you our best performance in this project. We execute this project on a commission basis and share the profits after every yield of the crops.

These are only some details about the project. As the funds are transferred, the Lands for this project will purchased and the documents regarding this will be sent to you for your view. After the Lands are purchased, we will send you the full detailed report of the Land.

Hopefully waiting for your positive reply,

With regards,
(Managing partner)

emenes de natt


I have gone through the details of the above stuff. Where is the location and what is your office address? With-in no time I m planning to visit your country.
Tommorrow I m leaving this place and I ll be back soon.


It seems like Bio-Diesel should have made more progress due to the rising cost of crude oil, but it was not to be. I guess the world will wake up when no one can afford gas...

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Thanks for the sharing of such information we will pass it on to our readers
This is a great reading.Thanking you


i myself have a proper process to manufacture bio diesel and not only that, i have details for better cetane booster,too.


We are leading Manufacturer of bio diesel Plant and bio diesel processing Plant in India

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Wow ! Very impressive post. I appreciate with you. This is a great reading.Thanking you.

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