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March 31, 2005


M Martin

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Matt D. Olson

It should be noted that the EPA has removed diesel from being burned in most aircraft and required cleaner burning Jet A and Jet A1.
The use of Red diesel commonly referred to as high surfer diesel fuel which has cancerous causing effects has also been mostly removed from use in the United States, the sulfur content has been reduced
substantially to ultra low contents.

Glasnoft Oil & Gas Company
Washington State Oil & Gas Company.

Solar Power Installation

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Excellent post. Crude oil and Natural Gas production drop from day to day. Diesel and Gasoline age being finishes. Future will be poweres from biofuels

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Drilling Fluids

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Oil Additive

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Drilling Chemicals

Gulf Potash Corporation: GPC: is part of Local Line Business unit that is used as a brand name for marketing, supplying and distribution of Potassium Chloride. Local Line holds exclusive distribution rights of Technical Potassium Chloride in the Arabian Gulf countries (GCC) , Middle East and North Africa from Belarusian Potash Company which is one of the world leading producers of Potassium Chloride.

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Electric cars and plug-in hybrids for commuting and shopping will be more attractive, with greater range, as gasoline prices go up and battery technology gets better as it is starting to.

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