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March 27, 2005



You wrote:

Incentives to accelerate production and sale of hybrid vehicles.
Providing an environment in which the use of diesel powered vehicles will be made more attractive
Encouragement of a coal liquefaction industry in the US
Encouragement of development of unconventional sources of energy such as a gas to liquids policy and encouragement of enhanced oil recovery and production from heavy oil resources.
Increased emphasis on producing more ethanol and bio-diesel.2>

But rather than having government subsidize selected technologies as in the above I would rather see government first remove subsidies to existing energy technologies like the oil deletion allowance and then start to tax air pollution. If peak oil concern people they can invest in the 7 year oil futures and can even buy ahead and store fuel (just remember to use a stabilizer). (This may sound impractical but some people already have large heating oil tanks in their homes why not large diesel fuel tanks.) This will drive up the price and improve the ability of alternatives to compete and no need to wait for a corrupt congress that will assuredly act politically rather than wisely.


Taking that one step further, why not substantially raise taxes on oil, especially foreign oil?


It's activities that are good and bad more then fuels. Activities that can be trivially regulated effectively.

FOr example the incredible delta of change from ten seer, to FOURTEEN, is doing what to the entry level price of a new airconditioner compared to the absurdly marked up weatherstripping etc. most pass on?

The lack of toll charging scanners in our cities, is only possible if the public is denyed all facts concerning there now proven virtues after pre rollout decades of sober analysis does what to 'liquid' fuel wasteful consumption? Just charge people half of what the infrastructure to accomidate there insane vehicles costs and they will abandon them in months. Of course the consumer purchase financing arms of the big three have there lobbyists......

karl  (oops, might misslead on seer14 prices)

I meant to say the price of seer14 units must now be dropping like a rock as they can't be marketed to only the price insensitive vanity-green buyers.


After careful consideration of the "energy" issue, I have come to the conclusion that the United States must lead the way and 1)enforce strict greenhouse gas losses to the atmosphere by both vehicles and industrial plants; 2)take extensive steps to recover whatever the substantial greenhouse gas contribution indices of each of these gases is from the atmosphere; 3)carefully select the future fuel and fuel production cycles by eschewing oil, nuclear and even biofuels and instead concentrating on a careful combination of wind, solar thermal, and fuel cell oxidizing of natural gas collected from the methane hydrates in permafrost and continental shelves, collected in biogas plants, and produced in tightly controlled IGCC plants (from which we could also recycle CO2).
CH4 steam reformation ultimately produces CO2 and H2; we do it all the time. H2 can be used to fuel commercial transportation, and participate in the Bosch reaction CO2(g) + 2 H2(g) → C(s) + 2 H2O(l), which sequesters CO2 into graphite. CO and CO2 can be recycled through a Sandia Labs type of semiconductor solar fuel cell, and can be used either to produce synfuel (the Fischer-Tropsch reaction) for defense and emergency purposes only, or fed into the Boudouard equilibrium reaction 2CO → CO2 + C, which again sequesters carbon into
Care must be taken forever going forward from now on to prevent any industral process from releasing CO2, CH4, or any other greenhouse gas into the atmosphere; and to carefully use solar thermal, wind, and fuel cell oxidizing of CH4 in a clean cycle that ultimately sequesters carbon into graphite. We might end up with alot of graphite in the end, but we will have reduced greenhouse gases while producing electricity for this country. By the way, graphite can be "burned" in DCFCs. This model can be successful anywhere a sovereign country has both wind and solar collection areas, and access to CH4.
I am both fascinated and wearied by this blog because all the good people involved in researching/producing these technologies have actually allowed us if we would to pick and choose wisely those genuine species-saver processes from the bulk of self-serving, genuinely trivial, and money getting wasters-of-time.
We must go cold turkey and give up the internal combustion engine except where H2 is the fuel, now. Our cars must be electric; we don't have time to go through a further dirtying hybrid stage. Our commercial transportation should be H2 for trucks and maglev for trains (both passengers and cargo), now. We must upgrade our energy delivery infrastructure, now. We must reject oil, we must forever reject nuclear. Biofuels are not even acceptable. We must have a plan for collecting already-released greenhouse gases from the atmosphere, now. Everywhere throughout industry where greenhouse gases are produced as a by-product, thse gases must be collected and sequestered. We do not have time for "transition" periods of five, ten, fifteen, twenty, thirty years...
Thank you for your time.

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