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August 31, 2005


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I own one of the London cars and I'm really pleased with how it's working out. I've started a videoblog about it so that I can share my experiences.

A. Ephraim

The Car models look odd from other petrol car. I believe outside appearance, just like normal cars may vastly increase the sale and attract people towards it. Also it will be appreciated, if the model will be keep changing considering the public interest.

Also for charging and running, if it can use Solar Power, it will be wonderful and no need to depend upon Govt Electricity and it will save time.

thank you very much.

A. Ephraim.


For this car to break into US markets, it will have to ramp up its top speed and range. It is not uncommon in most cities for a commuter to travel more than 40 miles per day. And with its top speed of 39 mph, I would suggest the spare tire be kept in the trunk if you plan to take this baby on a freeway. ("The spare tyre, designed to be at front, further helps in reducing impact" - Safety features from Reva Website)

A lithium ion or NiMH battery pack with solar charging capabilities might help increase range and top speed.

Henry Smith

Can I buy one of the cars to drive on the roads in Washington state in the US. I am
in real estate and it would be nice to have something that nobody else has. And a lot cheaper to drive. And that well save are air.

t spencer

Could someone please tell me where to find an outlet selling these cars in london
I have searched but been unsuccessful so far

Sudip Banerjee

I am interested know about the Price,Technology and Models of REVA Electric Car.

Just Me

This car is marketed in the UK as the G-Wiz by GoinGreen.

More electric car info at

Harbans Singh Nanade

I am interested know about the Price,Technology and Models of REVA Electric Car.

George Lincoln Cole

We have relocated in a golf community in Costa Rica Gasoline is 3times USA. Help us please.


I'm interested in buying a REVA for use in Northern California. Where can I buy one?

J. White

I would like to see and buy the REVA for use on Whidbey Is. Wash. Where is it avaiable?


I am working as a Asst.Prof in engg colleeg.I ahve completed M.Tech in control systems.I am intrested to do phd in electric vehicles.I request you to help me for my phd.....I am intrested to work with you....



check out this website...for more information on this car. It is a g-wiz owner club (thats what it is being called in england..i dont know why? looks like toy name)

James Chapman

Watched a very interesting review on the G Wiz electric car last night. Tim Lovejoy from Channel 5’s Fifth Gear took to the streets of London to see if the £7,000 G Wiz was a practical enough vehicle. He found it wasn’t much use for taking the kids to school as it was a little on the small side for the children in the back but was adequate enough to get him self and his golf clubs in, so not too bad I suppose.

It is reckoned that the £7,000 price tag for the car will pay for its self within 1 year due to the car being exempt from the congestion charge, road tax, and can be parked for free in central London. The top speed of the car is just 40 mph and can travel for 40 miles on a single charge. In my eyes this is perfected for anyone living in the central of London.

Used Car Parts

This type of technology should be must be a concern of everyone. It is much cleaner and does considerable less damage to the environment Oil prices rose above $59 a barrel today 13/10/06 and it is predicted that it could rise as much as $100 per barrel.

The only disadvantage of owning an electric car is that they are usually quite slow; they cannot travel far due to the recharging aspect. Maybe we will see electric charging points in garages instead of fuel pumps. Even so I do think that people should be considering going all-electric in the future.


This car does seem all well and good but maybe we need to raise the bar of awareness a lil higher...

The demonstration electric SUV is an early model of the commercially available vehicle, targeted for volume delivery in Spring 2007. This vehicle is planned to be capable of road speeds up to 95 mph, a driving range that is configurable up to 200 miles, a battery recharge time potential of less than 10 minutes, and an acceleration of 0 to 60mph in less than 10 seconds."

Demonstration Rides Are Described As Remarkable...
'I enjoyed my test drive in the Altairnano powered electric SUV. I have driven many electric vehicles, including the General Motors EV1, and the Altairnano powered vehicle delivered excellent performance in acceleration and rapid battery recharge,' said John Waters Breakthrough Design Group leader at the Rocky Mountain Institute, a consulting organization with major clients in, among others, the transportation and defense sectors."

Above are excerps from Altair's press releases.


I'm glad there is a company willing to raise the bar high and target a practical concept vehical that has a good chance of gaining tremendous market share in the US and the world abroad. Maybe even pull GM and/or Ford outta the red. Ofcourse I haven't seen a price tag on this full size SUV or their utility truck so if anyone knows please let us all know. I hope the price range is in the affordable category not like the Telsa.

I also hope this EV can be engineered to also consist an on-board gas generator that recharges battery cells while in motion. A few friends of mine tossed around the idea of a super-hybrid vehical. Although this idea won't be a zero emission vehical it has the potential of reducing emissions 50-75%, well exceeding the EPA guidelines for auto emissions for 2020. The best part of the idea is the fact that NO INFRASTRUTURE WILL BE NEEDED TO BE BUILD or atleast very minor changes to accomendate the over night charges on the power grid. With an onboard gas generator attached to an electric vehical, Phoenix Motorcars's EV will have a potential of driving cross country with no worries of recharging. Just pull over to a gas station to fill up a few gallons. And on normal day to day use, just plug it in the power grid at home for the more efficient way to refuel. This idea seems to be the next logical step to obtaining energy efficiency in an efficient manor. A compromise between the emerging technologies and the existing infrastructure. It's not the silver bullet but it will buy us some time till we find one.

For those of you who might be intrested, Phoenix Motorcars is located in Ojai, California and I think you can order thier EV for spring delivery!


its good to see such cool blog.

I am interested to own one in Bangalore. Hopefully if the top speed is 90kmph, I will definitely take one.

I got sick with bangalore autos.

nice to see the comments also informative.

patrick  Thornton

i love the designs of these small vehicals, and support the growth of these smaller companies, American Electric produces a great vehical sold in the US, called the Kurrent, just in case you cant get the REVA. all electric cars are good and a head in the right direction...www.getkurrent.com

Doug Reagin

The Kurrent is not going to cut it. It's too damn slow and not sufficient with its range. It's really a glorified golf cart. As one person stated in this blog "Where can I buy the REVA?" I think the REVA is the best bet for all around price and performance right now. Electric car manufacturers need to get real though and offer a competitive price (around $10,000-$20,000) but yet build an EV car that looks great. Once they do this it will sell like hot cakes here in the U.S.

Ravi K. Majmundar

Respected manager,
I am an electrical engineer curruntly looking for a job. My Goal is to design one electric vehical which will run and generate energy simaltaneously I want to use flexible photo voltaic cells with maximum power point tracking scheame which was my final year project. I have thinked so much about it But due to lake of finance i can't able to put it in practical. I am not telling that my project is totaly proof but with help of trial and error i can able make it possible. It is my dreem. I want to share my ideas with your company and wan't design car practicaly. Name of my car is multi-energy-car. Why i have selected that name i will tell you latter waiting for your reply


"electric vehical which will run and generate energy simaltaneously" As an electrical engineer you should know this cant be done.
Newtons second law of perpetual motion...have fun trying to do the impossible....


well let me take that back you can do it but you still need to have the vehicle running off of a gas motor of some sort...to produce enough energy to recharge a large battery source that an EV requires


I'm a bigger fan of something like the Tesla Roadster, which actually looks like a sleek vehicle. I think people can get used to plugging in their cars at night, but wouldn't get used to driving around in a funny-shaped pod.

Uma J

I would like to know the price of REVA Electric Car

Brian Wolf

My company, rw1 research and I am the inventor of a new form of electric vehicle propulsion which essentially uses a travelling surface wave on a special elecdtroactive polymer sidewalk, road, or rail. This project is new but I welcome your comments at the blog listed


Brian Wolf

My company, rw1 research and I am the inventor of a new form of electric vehicle propulsion which essentially uses a travelling surface wave on a special elecdtroactive polymer sidewalk, road, or rail. This project is new but I welcome your comments at the blog listed


Peter Poulin

I have created a device what creates electricity without fuel or emmissions What I need is a bussinees partner

Peter Poulin

I`ve made it, it works; need help to get to market a device that creates 200 amp service no fuel no emmissions and not expecive contact soaringheartguy@ msn.com or phone 613 747 8954 at this time bussineess inquires only until I get set up

Peter Poulin

I`ve made it, it works; need help to get to market a device that creates 200 amp service no fuel no emmissions and not expencive contact soaringheartguy@ msn.com or phone 613 747 8954 at this time bussineess inquires only until I get set up

Achille De Lucia

I beleive as others that the Reva is great for senior center travel and neighborhood shopping but must increase there speed to ride amongst the present highway traffic. I also believe that an onboard turbine type engine turned on at low battey strenth to reduce plug in recharging and produce high speeds for long distances and having a low center of gravity could beat out any gas guzzlers,

The Imperial Shark


Sign this petition if you truly want to make a difference and force the auto manufacturers to make the electric car available once again to us on the retail market. ITS TIME WE TAKE A STAND!

The Imperial Shark


Sign this petition if you truly want to make a difference and force the auto manufacturers to make the electric car available once again to us on the retail market. ITS TIME WE TAKE A STAND!

Rob Matthies

Good story, thanks. Are there any weak components cropping up with those racking up miles in their Reva e-cars?

ravikumar pulugu

this reva electic car is finest an good conditional car. this is perfectly suit and need this type of cars in future especially like india.

S Thomas

could you please letmme know, where we could purchase this baby..my daughter is in college, would be ideal for college life. This is my opinion. In USA where & how much the value of the Reva Beauty? thanks

Dave Rosenblum

My favorite ev site is didik.com. There is so much practical information on building and designing an electric car. The site also points out some of the negative issues related to electric car, which I hardly hear about. The link is www.didik.com/didik_ev.thm


5 Reasons to Buy an Electric Car
Submitted by nhayssen on Thu, 01/31/2008 - 14:52.
1. Zero Air Pollution
ZAP stands for Zero Air Pollution. We believe electricity is the fuel of the future. With electricity to power our transportation, our world can tap into renewable resources like hydroelectric, solar, wind, or geothermal power; resources that lessen our environmental footprint. Furthermore, studies show that millions of electric vehicles can recharge at night using existing surplus electrical generation; a vast, virtually untapped resource.
2. Save Gas
Gasoline is a precious natural resource and vital to the world economy. ZAP vehicles use no gasoline and require no oil changes. Using less fossil fuel can help relieve our current energy shortages while ensuring that future generations can rely on the same inexpensive, useful, petroleum products that we all take for granted.
3. Save Money
Gas keeps getting more expensive. Imagine all the money you can save by ZAPPING to work every day, rather than driving your gas vehicle. The typical electric car costs a penny per mile versus ten cents per mile with gas. Electric bikes and scooters are even less expensive. Plus, electric motors have fewer moving parts, meaning fewer trips to the mechanic. If you live close to work, you can save thousands of dollars per year by replacing your car with a ZAP bicycle.
4. Save Time
Traffic congestion and parking shortages eat away at our busy days, but a ZAP vehicle can help you save time, especially in busy urban areas. ZAP bikes and scooters slice through traffic jams and finding a place to park your ZAP neighborhood car is a snap.
5. Help the Economy
Today, the majority of USA's foreign trade deficit is attributed to imported oil. Using a ZAP vehicle will reduce our reliance on foreign oil. Furthermore, by investing in advanced transportation technologies, the USA can take the technological lead in offering energy efficient products that emerging economies around the world can use to build their own transportation infrastructures.

For more information on buying an Electric Car go to: http://www.zapworld.com
To view the ZAP Xebra Electric Car click here: http://www.zapworld.com/electric-vehicles/electric-cars/xebra-sedan


You should check out the ZAP zebras, I think they're very nice cars, specially the sedan ones. I saw that UPS is already using them.


I' M FROM CYPRUS. I WOULD LIKE TO BUY ONE. Where can i buy it in Cyprus and how much it will cost me



Distance ON 1 CHARGE is 100 miles, Max Speed: 68.35 P/ HR.

5 Seat Electric Mini Van is also coming real soon.

We're a web based dealer & USA Master Distributor for now, we're looking for a few Entrepreneurs who would like to own a dealership, to re-sell these Cars for a profit, minimum requirement to start is 5 Vehicles. ( NO TIRE KICKERS PLEASE!! CALL Mel 305-527-8085 ) http://www.zerogascar.com

Here is the situation, we can all bitch about why gas is going through the roof. Why Bush is an idiot!!!, "OR" we can take matters into our own hands & do what ever it takes!! we need people who are mad as hell & they aint TAKING IT ANY MORE!!!

If you're serious as we are about taking the oil cartel down to there knees call Mel about starting a dealership. The journey of a million miles starts with the first step.

If you just want to purchase one vehicle go to our website http://www.zerogascar.com & order one, or plan B. you can continue to pay $4.00 + or $5.00 + if you're in California going to 10.

To know more about maintenance free EV's watch the 2 min. video below.

I want a plug-in car

Electric car kit

Likes: the on board charger( Yay!); Its a hatchback (personal preference);remote controlled air conditioner/heater ( double Yay!)
Dislikes: it takes 7 hours to charge are you kidding me;Top speed is 39 mph(Boooo!) Those are deal breakers for me. I would rather convert my car to an electric than buy this one, as cute as it is.


This car doesn't look great at all when you compare it next to an Aptera (www.Aptera.com) vehicle... The electric Aptera gets 120 miles per charge. 48 is pretty much useless in my opinion


If you like the REVA, you will definitely like the BG C100 I came across:

First legitimate electric car coming to the market.
Safe, reliable and affordable.
Check it out............


Video-You Tube:


I built my own electric car at home! read this http://electriccarforyou.blogspot.com/ to see how I did it!


Check out the all new alias driving down the street in santa rosa ca.


Van Sales

I visited this blog first time and found it very interesting and informative.. Keep up the good work thanks..

electric bicycle

I think that people in the United States are waiting for that car. This time the truck drivers must be more careful.

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